Musicflex is a Wedding Dj specialist working with our couples, asking the right questions about family members & friends that will attend the Wedding. Music selection is tailored to your request based on several factor's such as age group & ethic back ground if needed. An over looked area of Wedding Receptions is the style of MC that is desired from high energy interactive to well spoken & low key.

Musicflex has the DJ magic formula for Sweet 16 events. A young energetic MC with a DJ experienced in teen & adult music. Our setups are very modern, fitting the taste of the teen guest. Many of our Sweet 16 clients request our screen setups so they can put photos on them showing highlights of the first 15 years of their life All Musicflex DJs are video DJ specialist & can mix current & classic music videos to add an extra level of entertainment.

Bar & Batmitzvah calls for a whole different level of training & experience. Luckily Musicflex has you covered with DJs, MCs, Dancers & Party Motivators that are specifically trained & experience for these events.

Musicflex sends DJs to over 800 events per year as we have several DJs to choose from fitting the musical needs for each affair. You may need an interactive DJ for a Communion Party where the younger guest enjoy that interaction to get involved. You may have a 50th Wedding Anniversary  where musical knowledge of the hits from decades ago is mandatory. High quality service at competitive pricing is the reason Musicflex is hired over 800 times per year. Located in Queens New York which is the most diverse area in the world, we have DJs experience in music from just about every area of the world as well & MCs that can speak languages from many different countries. No event is too big or too small.

If you follow our Instagram or Facebook you’ll see corporate events just about every week. Thanks to the corporate world for passing the Musicflex DJ name around after noticing the difference when a Musicflex Team is present. Besides Awards Dinner Dances, Holiday Parites or Retirement Parties we handle full blown Business Conferences where surround sound system, large projection screens, LED screens, Lapel Mics for presenters, panel discussion mics with several wireless mics for audience question & answer. Don’t take our word for it, check out our December post where Musicflex handles over 130 events, most of which are Corporate Holiday Parties.

Area schools flock to Musicflex trusting they will get a DJ with the necessary musical knowledge to entertain students from 1st graders to Senior Proms. With 160 events in June alone it’s a good idea to take a look at our June Instagram or Facebook post to see what Musicflex can do for your next school event.